A strong, fast, and secure internet connection is crucial in the modern age. Wifi signal boosters rescue you, enhancing your connectivity and ensuring smooth online experiences. If you’ve recently purchased a wifi signal booster and are Worried about how to fix it properly, I’ll guide you through each step of the procedure. These steps help you through the installation of your booster with easy steps.

Steps To Set Up Wifi Signal Booster

Step 1: Unbox and Check Contents

After unboxing your Wi-Fi booster, please check all the necessary devices or components that should be there. You’ll usually find the booster unit, antennas, power adapter, and an installation guide.

Step 2: Choose the Right Location

Selecting the best location for your booster is required for its effectiveness. Find a spot where the booster can receive a strong wifi signal from your router while being conveniently accessible for power supply.

Step 3: Connect the Antennas

After the second step, attach the antennas to the booster unit, as in the picture below. It can be different from the picture because it varies companies to company and can be easily comparable with some features. Most boosters come with omnidirectional antennas that can be screwed on easily. Ensure they are tightened securely for stable signal reception.

Step 4: Power Up the Booster

Plug the power adapter into the booster unit and connect it to a power source(nearby socket or power supply). The indicator lights on the booster will illuminate, indicating that it’s powered up and ready for configuration.

Step 5: Connect to the Booster

Access the wifi settings on your PC or mobile device.  Look for the network name (SSID) of the booster, which is often a combination of your original wifi name followed by “_EXT” (e.g., YourWifiName_EXT). Connect to this network using the provided password (mentioned on the back of your device or in the manual).

Step 6: Access the Booster’s Settings

Open a web browser (chrome or Firefox, etc) and enter the default IP address of the booster in the address bar. The installation guide provides detailed instructions on how to log in, and default login credentials are provided for easy access.

Step 7: Configure Wifi Settings

Inside the booster’s settings, locate the wireless settings section. Here, you’ll have the option to select your existing wifi network and enter its password. Save the changes, and the booster will restart to apply the new settings.

Step 8: Test Your Connection

After the booster restarts, reconnect your devices to your primary wifi network. Conduct a speed test to ensure that your internet connection has improved. You should experience enhanced signal strength and a more reliable connection. If you are experiencing slow speed, then you should also follow some tips
On placing your router or booster to get better signal strength

Important Points to Remember:

  • Ensure all components are securely connected before powering up the booster.
  • The optimal location for the booster is where it can receive a strong signal from your router.
  • Use the default login credentials provided in the installation guide to access the booster’s settings.
  • After configuring the settings, reconnect your devices to the leading wifi network for testing.

Troubleshooting Tips

1. Ideal PlacementChoose a location for your booster where it can receive a strong signal from your router for optimal performance.
2. Avoid ObstructionsKeep the booster away from physical obstructions like walls and large objects, as these can hinder the signal strength.
3. Regular MaintenancePeriodically check and tighten the connections of the booster components to ensure stability and reliable performance.
4. Firmware UpdatesRegularly check for and install firmware updates for your booster to benefit from improvements and bug fixes.
5. Monitor Signal StrengthUse the booster’s admin interface to monitor signal strength over time. Adjust the placement if needed for consistent and reliable coverage.

If you implement these tips or keep them in mind, then I am sure it will help you maximize the performance of your booster, ensuring a robust and stable internet connection throughout your space.


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