Death is not only an act of leaving your loved one alone for another journey but also an emotion. It becomes so harsh for the families to make it happen alone. For this situation, Steve Lyons Funeral Home obituaries offer services to help you in the most challenging time. This article will address the features of this funeral home obituaries so you can know the significance beforehand. 

What are Steve Lyons funeral home obituaries?

Steve Lyons funeral home obituaries are the funeral homes which extend their help to the grieving families. They aim to provide the highest quality funeral services in the hard times. They feel proud calling themselves the most caring staff that makes you able to give a memorial tribute to your loved ones. 

About :

Name of funeral homeSteve Lyons funeral home obituaries
LocationUnited States
ServicesFuneral services
Address1515 New Bern Avenue | Raleigh, NC 27610


Steve Lyons Funeral Home obituaries show unique features which make it recommendable compared to others. Some of the features are mentioned below:

Customized services: 

They are offering customized services to the families. You can make them add any element or deduct any aspect. You can negotiate with the packages a swell. They ensure you get the tribute you wished to be scheduled. 

All time available :

They are available 24/7. It can be possible if you want to customize it at night. The Sundays are not off. Anytime you want to schedule the funeral, they will manage it according to your requirements.

Experienced staff :

The funeral home has hired an experienced staff, which is full of etiquette. The compnay have trained the staff enough to console and sympathize with the family. The funeral home will show professional behavior and will understand your situation. They will be responsible for accuracy in the minute details as well.  

Shipping services :

They also provide shipping services. It will be entirely possible if you want to move the dead body to some other graveyard. Or if you’re going to have a themed one, as per the wish of the deceased, it will also be fulfilled. 

Counseling :

They will be providing you with counseling sessions to overcome your grief. It can be pre-counseling as well. They will be putting a check on you after the service if you are feeling okay because it can be tiring to share with your family and friends.  


The funeral home is also available for the pre-planning process. If you want to plan your funeral per your wishes and requirements, they are here for you, as death is eternal and can’t be ignored. To be more realistic, it will help you be a more humble and planned person than ever. 

Monuments :

Monument building can be a new way of giving tribute to the dead. They can also arrange and build monuments on the grave if someone is willing. It can be a grand gesture to your loved one to show your love towards them. 


There are many seminars which they can recommend to attend. It is for the information if you want about this funeral home. The company will inform you about their packages, pre-planning elements, insurance, etc. 

All faiths:

A good thing about Steve Lyons funeral home obituaries is they are not religiously biased. They will be covering all the faith-related funerals in their services. No matter to which religion or race you belong, death is brutal for everyone. 


Convenient to local hospitals:

It also provides services to collect the body from the local hospital. They offer transportation facilities a swell. This can be convenient for the grieving family to arrange everything from the start. 


They have a donation program. This can be helpful to those who can’t afford the funeral matters. You have to give an application; if you are deserving, they will finance all the funeral services.

Close to most cemeteries: 

Its location is valuable because it is close to most cemeteries. Thus, fewer transportation fees will be charged. 

Cremation services: 

Cremation services will free people from tension, focus on their emotions, and connect to family. Spending that time with friends is more important than giving and arranging a memorable tribute to the deceased. 

Why should we hire Steve Lyons funeral home ?

There are many reasons to hire Steve Lyons Funeral Home obituaries for the services. Some of the reasons are:

  • Online memorials:

They offer online memorials as well. If the family is out of the station and can’t attend it physically, this can be an excellent opportunity to participate in the monument virtually. They have special services for arranging the online memorial. 

  • Tribute videos:

The video can be recorded to watch the memories afterward as well. The tribute videos can be a source of relief for the family, as only memories are left to cherish with the person. 

  • Funeral fund donations: 

The donations are collected for the families who can’t afford to arrange and pay for the essential services. This is a grand gesture to make for the needy people. 

  • Ordering flowers:

One can order flowers for the funeral. Thus, they are also offering merchandising. They can arrange different flowers according to the demand. 

  • Sharing service details:

They share the details of the memorial they are holding. This can be a source of information for other people watching it. Thus, the grieved family will be comforted that others are getting free information because of them.

  • Grief support emails: 

The funeral home will take care of you during the whole memorial process and check on you afterward. To protect you from stress, they will send daily grief support emails to the families so that the difficult time will pass because of the support and care. 


Where can I contact them?

You can contact them through the given telephone number. 

Can I get the subscription? 

Yes, enter your email address and get the subscription.

How to arrange pre-planning meetings? 

Just call and book your appointment.

Can I get the donation?

Yes, after getting verified, you can get financial support. 

Is disclosing personal information necessary? 

It is, indeed. 

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Steve Lyons Funeral Home obituaries are the best to hire for the memorial ceremony.


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