Are you looking for any physical activities for your child? Do you know about any relevant center for that? Then stop looking now. We’ve created a strong suggestion for it, where all the actions are grouped together under one heading. Premier education is one of the known centers for healthy activities, equally suitable for all age groups. Here, we will talk about the co-curricular activities they offer in detail.

What Do You Know About Premier Education? 

Premier Education is one of the known coaching centers in the United Kingdom. It is primary schools’ number one provider of sport and physical activity. On the mentioned reviews, which are about great in number, i.e., 19,506, it has gotten five stars on its website. 

hey offer all kinds of activities per the child’s abilities. It is popular among parents as well because of its productive planned activities. It is also supported by the government bodies, supporting its credibility.


NamePremier Education
CategoryExtra-curricular activities
Launched in1999
OriginUnited Kingdom


Premier education offers beneficial features that one may not find in any other coaching or training center. Everyone focuses on education and the need for studies for children. But the importance of sports cannot be negated in any field. This center seems to fully understand this notion and design features supporting the one-liner, “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.” 

Partnership With Schools

They are open to being partners with the schools as well. They have an innovative way of entertaining children for a healthy body and mind. They will cover all aspects of training from planning to delivery, progress reporting, and high-energy, active learning sessions. Thus, school management is supposed to trust them for what they are preparing for the betterment of their children.  

Physical Literacy

Their activities will add to their physical literacy as education is meant to make them literate enough to earn for themselves. It is intended to give the basic information about different skills and all. They promised to develop the pupils’ agility, balance, coordination, and other crucial physical skills. 

This offers a very flexible timing, though. So that the educational schedule stays calm, they can also provide their services before and after school or during lunch break. In every session, experienced and empathetic coaches guide children of all interests and abilities to find an activity they love.


The activities are designe so students’ minds will be sharply develop at the end of the sessions. They will also learn how to make the most of their physical and mental capabilities. 

Besides this, the child will also be trained about leadership qualities. It will also lead to the child’s development as a personality.

Government Funded Trainee

They are also incorporating government-funded traineeships. A government-funded traineeship can be started by anybody between the ages of 16 and 18 as long as they meet the following requirements: they must be unemployed, citizens of the UK or the EEA, or have an unrestricted settled status; they cannot qualify for higher than level 3, and they cannot have previously completed a program of this kind.


More than 1,000 coaches are present in the premier education center. They are supposed to train the children participating in the programs and design different productive activities for the pupils.


Additionally on hand to assist the students with the activities are playworkers.They are friendly and well-mannered. Supervising the children and helping them go from school to their homes are part of the responsibilities. Nevertheless, until it’s time for them to go, it’s imperative to keep the kids interested and sensed. 


Discover why becoming a franchisee of Premier Education is the ideal choice if you possess a strong interest in sports, education, and business. After five years, eight out of ten franchise businesses are still operating successfully.

By joining them, you will work together to combat the growing issue of inactivity among children while assisting you in inspiring and involving them in your community.

Wraparound Care 

They take care of everything you could need, including exciting after-school programs and breakfast clubs, so that the participants can focus on work. Research indicates that getting a little exercise before school starts is beneficial for stimulating kids’ minds and getting them ready for the day.

Our morning clubs provide physically and psychologically demanding activities that awaken the body and sharpen the mind. Every breakfast club offers a wholesome and balanced breakfast that includes foods high in proteins and fiber and low in added sugar, all of which assist in improving memory, focus, and attention span.

Holiday Camping 

Their holiday camping is one of the known features among parents and students. In the last summers, there were over 18,00 students enrolled in different activities. The coaches have designed various fun activities for daily practice. They claim not to repeat anything. Thus, each day brings a new lesson and fun-filled holiday camping activities.

As children want to feel fresh during their holidays, they will only be willing to join if they benefit from the activities. The coaching staff understands this and thus provides their services per the needs.

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Premier Education offers three different activities under different names and banners. The details are:

Sports ActivityRugby, hockey, football, gymnastics, dodgeball, tennis
Performing ArtsDance, Drama in Education, Dramatic Dance, Theatre
Holiday campsSummer holiday, October half term, Christmas holiday, February half term, Easter holiday, May half term


Is premier education legit?

Yes, it is. It has worked in science since 1999 and has made its reputation in the market.

Will I get breakfast there?

Yes, you will get a healthy breakfast there.

How can I get in touch with them the best?

Their website has a form for contacting them.

Can I join them in December? 

Yes, they will be offering their Christmas break program in December. 


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