Are you looking to enhance your email marketing? Have you got any idea about the latest tools for it? we would like to share with you some new information. If you’re keen to stay up to date with the newest trends in 2023.We’ll be contrasting, Mailerlite vs Mailchimp, so you can decide which email marketing platform is ideal for your company.  

What Is Mailerlite ?

Mailerlite is an email marketing tool and website builder. It is equally suitable for all kinds of businesses and markets. Its primary aim is to provide the services with simplicity. The email campaigning has become easy for the users to create and use. 

It has very easy-to-use tools being introduce for this particular tool. For instance, its drag-and-drop email editor, website builder, and intuitive subscriber management interface are some of the most popular and used tools. 

Mailerlite vs Mailchimp will help you to differentiate between the features, working, and benefits for your business. 

Functions : 

Before you move on to the comparison, it’s essential to understand the basic functions of this tool So that you can evaluate the importance and usage of both for your organization.

Sign upFirst you need to sign up for the free plan of  MailerLite. Open its website. Click on sign up. Put the name of your company here. Enter your email address and password to create an account.
ApprovalYou need to wait for authorization. At that point, you’ll be able to utilize every feature on it. You must complete the approval request form for that. You need to let them know your plan of action for the form. For example, how will you gather subscribers, what sort of content will you send them, and the URL to your website?
SubscribeIf you already have the subscribers, then you need to import them on MailerLite. So, that they may get to your entire newsletter. Search on the subscriber’s page and import your ones.  
CampaignIf you are launching any campaign you need to inform your clients through email. It is basically through an email newsletter. For that it is suggested to make automation. For that go to the campaign page, enter its title and select the type. Save it and fill out the form given by the software. Fill in the subject name, sender information and tracking options.
WebsiteThis also allows you to create a website of five pages. Navigate to the website page. Click on the website tab then on create site and enter the name of the site. Select a subscriber group and then the template suitable to your site. Once you finish the entire process, save and publish it.

What Is Mailchimp? 

Mailchimp is an email marketing and automation tool. It was launch in 2001 and started growing by hailing many users. In 2016, it was rank number 7 on the Forbes list. In 2020, they also acquired the London-based magazine Courier Media. The magazine has a readership of 100,000 readers in more than 26 countries. Users may create personalized email templates, automate marketing campaigns, and manage their mailing lists with them.  Mailerlite vs Mailchimp will help you get to know the core of both differences.


FoundersBen ChestnutMark ArmstrongDan Kurzius
HeadquarterAtlanta, Georgia

Mailerlite vs Mailchimp : 

Mailerlite vs Mailchimp is challenging. Because both are equally use and utiliz depending on the nature of the work, we have listed the main features of both and tried to compare both of these email tools.

User Interface: 

Mailerlite is easy to use compared to the MailChimp.Their user interface is easy to use and offers reliable, essential tools to meet your email marketing requirements. While Mailchimp and Mailerlite are both easy to use, utilizing the additional capabilities will take more work with Mailchimp. It took me a few logins to acclimate to Mailchimp’s interface when I started using it.

Management Of Subscribers: 

Although Mailchimp is widely recognized as a list-based platform, new modifications have replaced lists with audiences. After creating an audience, you can use segmentation and tagging to manage it to send relevant messages to your audience and keep your subscribers organized.

Although MailerLite operates less complexly, the basic idea remains the same: you have a single list of subscribers you can control through segmentation or groups (they refer to it as groups rather than tags), but the idea is the same.

Pages and Forms :

You can host sign-up forms from Mailchimp on your website. These separate forms are yours to create and host for particular goods or sales. Although these are helpful, I need help locating them when I’m a new user.

The functionalities are integrated with and offered by Mailerlite on their stable and intuitive platform. Before publishing, you can check how my forms, interface, and layout work together using the Mailerlite templates to mock up content. The page editor is user-friendly because features can be dropp and moved as needed. The same editor can be used to access landing pages and forms.

Analysis and Reporting:

Mailchimp boasts robust automation, with many of them pre-made so you can use them immediately. However, compared to MailerLite’s workflow simplicity, Mailchimp’s automation is overly complex. It’s just complicated—challenging to edit, visualize, etc.

In Mailerlite, You can benefit from this product early in your usage because the free tier has more automation options and a more straightforward setup procedure.

Automation :

Using a technique known as workflow, MailerLite transforms your automation sequence into a regular sequence in which you may add or remove steps or add decisions to your flow and let your automation handle them automatically.

Mailchimp boasts robust automation, with many of them pre-made so you can use them immediately. However, compared to MailerLite’s workflow simplicity, Mailchimp’s automation is overly complex. It’s just complicated—challenging to edit, visualize, etc.


There is a free plan for both tools: Mailchimp provides a free account with 1000 email sends per month, while MailerLite offers a free account with 1000 subscribers.

Templates :

While Mailerlite also offers email templates, you’ll need to purchase their premium plan to access them. Mailchimp has thousands of templates to choose from. Despite this, Mailerlite’s free plan includes a fantastic design editor for creating and customizing templates.

Support :

You can get start with 30 days of email support from Mailchimp, but after that, you’ll be on your own, and the Knowledge Base will become your best friend.

You can only access the knowledge base and email assistance with MailerLite’s free account. In the past, free accounts were eligible for live chat help, but those times have passed.

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Exciting Facts About Email-Marketing:

Based on the preview text, 24% of subscribers open emails.

Engagement is 73% Increased by Interactive Emails.

Emails are reported as spam by 69% of recipients based only on the subject line.

Even Now, 21% of emails with permission end up in the junk folder.

Emails that don’t look well on mobile devices are immediately deleted.

Subject Line Personalization Increases Open Rates by 50%.


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