Are you just out of college and seeking work? You may be trying to try every new platform for your job. But you should be aware of the fake job postings and save yourself from scams such as Econjobrumors finance. It may sound doubtful, but this is the newest scam to fool people by showing them fake job vacancies. 

We will be helping you to avoid such websites by telling you the signs of identifying real and fake sites. 

What is Econjobrumors finance? 

An unnamed owner manages the website Econjobrumors Finance. They aim to cover the economics-related jobs and post it online on their website. Not only that, but the people, i.eThe site’s users, can also post any job vacancy online without showing their name.  


Website nameEconomics job market rumors
CategorySocial Sciences and Education
HeadquarterUnited states
Visits on site921.3K
Country ranking1,702

Features of this website: 

Job postingsThis website will allow you to seek any job opportunity. There is a list of job vacancies being available in the market. One can check out its description and simply apply for the job just in one click.
Discussion forumsIt also provides discussion forums for the users, where they can discuss the current economic issues and job market as well.
JournalsThere are journals being posted on the website. That will help you to get the information and knowledge regarding your field, which is economics.
Anonymous postingsThese can be a red flag or a positive aspect as well. It will allow the user to hide identity while it is for posting a job or participating in a discussion forum.  
ConferencesIt can be a good platform to have the news about the conference being held in the town. This will be a good opportunity for the people who are currently in the field or trying to enter into economics.
Networking opportunitiesA good thing about it can be you get a free chance to have and build connections with the economic experts through this platform. This networking can be of great value in the near future.

Downsides of Econjobrumors finance: 

It is not a matter that it was a scam from the start. People started trusting it. But later, when they didn’t get a job or read some controversial things, they realized something was off about this site. 

In 2017, an undergraduate student from the University of California researched this website. Some of the issues he observed were: 

Toxic and Controversial content 

The first thing that came into consideration was the users’ toxic and controversial content. They observed that the posters widely used sexual and hate language. This was too unexpected to be shared on such an educational platform. People were commenting freely without any fear and targeting a specific group of people like black Americans and women. 

The point of surprise was that these comments were coming from students who are graduates of renowned universities such as Harvard, Chicago, and Stanford. However analysis and clarifications were absent from these universities. It is not only about the students, but the professionals are also part of this toxicity. 

Irrelevant people 

Some people have claimed that some irrelevant people are also posting on this site. This is solely for the people related to the economics department.  

User identity is hidden

The fact that user identification is concealed is another aspect that might be viewed negatively. No one knows who is the owner of this website; if any problem occurs, you are going to complain. In the case of toxic content, one is responsible for the controversial stories from the website.Second, because the user’s identity is concealed, no one can be held accountable for the wrongdoings. People can feel uncomfortable and unsafe using this website. 

Fake job postings 

There is fake news of job postings on this website. People applying through this found loopholes in the job descriptions. The employer can’t be seen; this can’t be approached. It is the employer who can access the one applying for it. Thus, no relation and communication mode can be seen. 

No Affiliations 

This website has no affiliations with any credible university or company. This is solely working on its own. The collaborations can add to the site’s credibility, and people’s posts will eventually get filtered out. 

Attack on women 

Some men users are attacking women on this site. They are facing sexual comments and discrimination. They are titled as having less brains than men. Thus, there are fewer opportunities for women in the job market. The users comment on them to feed their husbands and children. These comments lead to gender criticism.  Users should discourage all these happening on this site.

Discouraging platform 

This  Econjobrumors finance is acting as a discouraging platform for all the struggling employees. So These toxic comments and sexual and racial discrimination is leading to the destruction of a healthy environment. This website should be working to promote a healthy way of looking out for jobs without any exploitation. 

How can you differentiate between fake and real job posts? 

Some tips can help identify the actual job posts for you online. 

  1. The job vacancy should be with a complete job description. 
  2. It would help if you searched on credible websites rather than applying randomly. 
  3. Please search for the relevant company and find their different social media handles. 
  4. Never give any personal information. I always prefer to communicate professionally by email. This can be a red flag. 
  5. It would help if you never gave or spent money on the name of training. 
  6.  Stay within a significant amount of stipend. Mostly, it will be a fraud. 

Facts and statistics about the job market: 

You’ll be shock to learn that employers 80% of the time dont market for need vacancies.

Experts has advised to not put your photo on your resume is not advise. On this point, resumes are reject in 88% of cases.

LinkedIn is a growing platform for job searching. 70% of the employers are relying on it. 

75% of the applications were reject on the resume’s flaws while reaching the hiring manager. 

Among all the job applications, only 30% are eligible for the post and get the interview. 

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