This article is a must-read if you must interact with your employees or clients through communication platforms. We have come forward with a solid suggestion for using a communication platform, i.e., Çeviit. We will be arranging essential details so that you can evaluate whether it is of good use to you.  

What is Çeviit? 

Çeviit is an online platform which allows you to connect virtually. It is a handy platform to communicate with those who may not be physically present. It just blends the boundaries and limitations created by time and space. One can benefit by not avoiding the meeting just because you are not present physically. 

It is equally for the use of employees and employers. You can arrange meetings and join in just one click. This is another hack and trick the developers introduce to bring ease to lives. 

Features of Çeviit: 

Çeviit is emerging due to its unique features over all available platforms. Some of these are mentioned below: 

1. Messaging 

It allows you to connect through messaging on this platform. You can click through texting as well. The critical notes or meetings can be jotted down and sent to the colleague who missed the event. If you want to interact with a new person and can’t find any possible way, you can ask the person to connect with you through messaging. 

2.          High quality 

One can enjoy high-quality resolution on this communication platform. It is available for videos and images as well. One can have high resolution during live streaming and sharing ideas, too. This makes it one of the most desired applications to be used. 

3.                 Video calls 

Çeviit allows you to do video calls with the clients. This brings too much ease for the people who want to conduct live sessions, meetings, or events. It may not be possible to gather such a large community of marketers or colleagues at one table. Doing video calls can be a perfect option to go for. 

4.                 Privacy 

It ensures the privacy and security of the data you are sharing. They provide end-to-end encryption to the chats and meetings. No one can have access to the content you are saving. This can be a significant factor for the users to trust and enjoy the interactions in a secure environment.  

5.                 Social networking hub 

Çeviit will allow you to make a hub of interactions with people. You can interact and chat with people with similar interests or business dimensions. This will create a social network for you to excel and explore. It can be an effective tool to promote and expand your business ventures. 

6.                 Display with projectors 

One can connect the meetings to the projectors, giving ample space to enjoy. It will provide real-time interaction as the people sit just before you. 3D images will be an excellent source for interaction in a business environment.

7.                 Embrace business 

It is the best platform to embrace and share business ideas with other partners. One can also hunt new investors and clients through this effective tool of business platform.

8.                 Limitless interaction 

One can interact for as much time as they want. This limitless interaction can be effective for conducting your events and meetings.      

Why do you need it? 

Educational purposesIt is beneficial for educational purposes. If you are a teacher or a student, you can use this platform to teach your students or conduct classes. So It will provide hassle free streaming to the classes.
Health careThis is equally useful for health care department as well. Doctors can interact with other doctor to discuss some diseases. Patients can interact with doctor to share their reports or even it if it not possible for them to reach the doctor at the  moment they can make connections here.
Business purposeÇeviit brings the business holders together as well. They can connect the partners and clients together to promote their business ventures.
Interaction with friendsIt is just not perfect for serious talks and meeting but for chitchatting with friends can also happen here. One can video call or text any of their friend at any time. A perfect platform to enjoy as well.
Scientific researchÇeviit is used by scientist and researchers to share their results with each other. So They can also hold discussion and training to contact with other scientist of the world for their opinion.


How does it work? 

Its user interface is straightforward. Anyone can use it for any purpose. One can join the video call or text anyone just by clicking once. It takes no effort to access and understand as well. It is available in English, providing a wide range of people to join.

Benefits of using Çeviit : 

One can get the below-mentioned benefits by using it.

Global connections:

You can enjoy global connections with just one click, allowing you to connect with your foreign clients and partners. This is such a massive success in the world of technology, where business is made easier to contact.

Personal experience:

One can enjoy the best personal experiences with friends and relatives. If you live afar and want to interact on the best available platforms, this is an excellent opportunity to connect with.


It allows you to share all your ideas, documents, and work. Thus, there should be no barrier in the productive lines of the human mind. The temporary obstacles should not be hurdles in the practical approaches of the people.

Saves money and time:

It not only saves time for traveling but money as well. This platform is cost-free and can be used by anyone worldwide. Thus, it is two in one package for the users.  


Do I have to pay fees to access it?

No, it is free to use.

Can I use it in the USA?

Yes, you can.

Can I share the screen with my partners?

Yes, you can.

Is it secure?

Yes, it is secure and safe to use.

Can I connect it to the mobile phones?

Yes, you can connect it to the mobile phones. 

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