Are you a comedy lover? Do you know about the real comedy king in the American industry? Then this article is for sure going to be your topic of interest. Ced, the entertainer net worth, is evidence of his market fame. He is simply a name to believe in comedy shows and films. People want to watch him, listen to him cracking jokes and making them laugh.

Who is Ced the entertainer?

Cedric Antonio Kyles is the full name of Ced, the entertainer. He is a known host, comedian, producer, actor and author. Ced is famous for his unique and subtle comedy style among the others in the industry. He has spent his life in Hollywood to prove his talent, and no doubt today, he is pretty successful in it. 

Early life of Cedric: 

Ced was born in 1964 in Missouri. His mother, Rosetta, was a school teacher, and his father, Kittrell Kyles, used to work in The Missouri Pacific Railroad. Ced’s younger sister is a professor at the University of California right now.

 His existence was as routine as a layman might lead in America. In Berkeley, he finished his high school education. Ced graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a communication degree. He worked as a state farm insurance claims adjuster after earning his degree. After that, he worked in a school as a substitute teacher. 


Name of the actorCedric Antonio Kyles
Known asCed – The entertainer
LocationMissouri, USA
WifeLorna Wells


Cedric has worked for a long time to earn his name and the respect that others are appraised. When making your name in the industry, nothing is always a cup of cake. He has no reference or showbiz relation. He came solely on his talent and making more than enough. Ced the entertainer net worth may get you in shock, but all are earned based on his talent.

In 1987, he began a stand-up comedy career while still working other jobs. He made the decision to try acting after that and attended an audition for The Cowardly Lion in 1995. He was chosen and performed his first-ever film role. He then became a part of the Steve Harvey show and established himself professionally. A list of the comedy movies he had made that had made him famous followed. 


 He’s contributed to numerous movies during the course of his career. The most well-known ones include: 

The originals king of comedy2000
Code name: The cleaner2007
Welcome home roscoe Jenkins2008
A haunted house2013
Top five2014
First reformed2017
Son of the south2020


He has received several awards for his talent and acting. Six NAACP Image Awards, One Gotham Award, a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and many others… Ced, the entertainer’s net worth, is proof of his work and popularity among the audience.

Other projects: 

Ced is a published author and published a book, “Grown-A$$ Man.” He has done voiceover projects like Madagascar and Ice Age. These films were a big hit at the box office. Besides, he hosted his reality game show in 2011, It’s Worth What? He has also hosted another game show called Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in 2013. 

Ced also appeared in the video game Tiger Woods Tour in 2004. Besides that, he was part of a wrestling match and defeated Chavo Guerrero. In 2010, he made his directorial debut with Dance Fue film under the banner of his company Bird and Bear Entertainment. 

Ced the entertainer net worth:

According to an estimate, Ced the entertainer net worth is $25 million. He has earned this money from his standup comedy shows, films, reality shows, and television. 

Charitable foundation:

He has made a foundation called Ced the Entertainer Charitable Foundation. By this, he gives scholarships to needy students for study. He is active in the society and volunteers for many projects. 


Throughout his career, he faced backlash over his character in Barbershop. The public criticized Some of his statements, which were part of the script. The audience did not appreciate the comments he had to make regarding Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. He never expressed regret to anyone, though. 

Why is he called Ced, the entertainer?

When he started his career, he felt his name, Cedric Kyles, was too formal for a comedian. He then decided to alter it a bit to fit in for the standup comedian. There, he renamed him Cheerio, following his favorite comedian, Kodak. But then he received a cease and desist letter from General Mills for using their cereal Cheerio name. Then, randomly, on a stage, some person called him the entertainer, which became part of his name. There, he got the stage name Cedric the Entertainer. 

Quotes by Cedric, the entertainer

The audience’s immediate reaction is something that we comics strive for. 

Politics moves as quickly as Twitter. Therefore, it is absurd for anyone to believe that America will be flawless in four years.

Facts about comedy: 

Stand up comedians get paid by the minute they are performing. 

In the older times in Zimbabwe, it was restricted to joke about the president’s name, which was quite funny,  Canaan Banana. 

In 1965, a comedian show was canceled because of the tip he gave to the children to take money from their parents pocket and give it to him. 

The first recorded joke was made about farting. 

Jacob Haugaard, the comedian, won election by promising nutella to the people. 

Stand up comedians get paid by the minute they are performing. 

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Comedy is not an easy job to do. But Ced the entertainer is the talented guy which always make it a fun to make people laugh.


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