YouTube has until now to introduce a yearly feature; now you can create your own YouTube Wrapped View Odyssey. It has already released custom-made summaries to showcase your rare usage patterns. 

Since Spotify finished its wrap in 2016, YouTube videos have been a platform we’ve all been waiting for. YouTube Wrapped View Odyssey is a feature introduced by YouTube that allows users to explore their viewing history and statistics over the past year.

It provides users with personalized insights into their most-watched videos, top channels, favorite genres, and other interesting data related to their YouTube activity.

How do I Access it, and Is It Available for all Users? 

This feature is typically available at the end of the year, around December or January. YouTube usually releases it as a unique feature that users can access through their YouTube account. 

The specific steps to access it may vary each year, so it’s best to look for official announcements from YouTube or check your YouTube account for any options related to YouTube Wrapped.

It is typically available for most YouTube users. YouTube has occasionally rolled out such features in phases, so they might be available to some at different times. Watch for official announcements or updates from YouTube to know if the quality is accessible.

How do you Check Out this Feature?

  • To download your YouTube history, go to Google Takeout.
  • Select Various Formats.
  • Convert your account’s HTML to JSON format by selecting it from the drop-down menu, then click OK to confirm.
  • Click the button “All YouTube Data Included.”
  • Select none other than history as rejected. To confirm, click OK.
  • Click Next Step, navigate to the page’s bottom, and select Create Export.
  • The grip on checking your Gmail account for the file download link for a few minutes.
  • Download your email-attached files.
  • Go to the website View Odyssey Video Recap.
  • Select data. Click Upload Watch History and type.
  • Select the zip file from your downloaded items.

How to make the most out of your YouTube-Wrapped View Odyssey?

Explore Modified Recommendations

YouTube provides modified video recommendations based on your viewing history and interests. Take advantage of these recommendations to discover new content and channels that align with your preferences.

Engage with the YouTube Community

Cooperate with the YouTube community by 

  • Like
  • Comments
  • Subscribe

Engaging with content creators and fellow viewers improves your overall YouTube experience and potentially leads to essential connections.

Create Playlists

Start your favorite videos into playlists based on themes, genres, or moods. It allows you to easily access and revisit your preferred content and share curated playlists with others.

Utilize YouTube’s Search and Filters

YouTube offers a powerful search feature that lets you find exact videos or topics of interest. Use filters like video duration, upload date, and view count to refine your search results and find content that matches your standards.

Stay Informed with Notifications

Subscribe to channels and enable notifications to receive updates whenever new videos are uploaded. It ensures that you stay updated with the latest content from your favorite creators.

Take advantage of YouTube Premium

Consider subscribing to YouTube Premium, a paid subscription service offering benefits like ad-free viewing, background play, offline downloads, and YouTube Originals. YouTube Premium enhances the viewing experience and provides additional features for avid users.

How Youtube Wrapped View Odyssey Works?

A Yeature might compile and sase the platform’s most popular or trending videos during a specific period. It includes viral videos, music videos, famous YouTubers, and significant moments from the given time frame.

Wrapped features often reflect the most notable trends, memes, and cultural moments that dominated YouTube throughout the year. It includes references to popular challenges, memes, or influential events that garnered significant attention.

3.    Creator Highlights

YouTube-wrapped features typically recognize and highlight successful and influential creators or channels. It involves showcasing their subscriber count, views, or notable achievements they accomplished during the year.

4. Viewer Statistics

Wrapped features may also offer insights into individual users’ viewing statistics. It includes data such as the total watch time, most-watched genres, or top channels they subscribed to during the year.

5. Personalized Experience

Some wrapped features aim to provide a personalized experience by tailoring the content to individual users. It considers their viewing history, liked videos, or subscribed channels to curate a recap that resonates with their interests.

Tips to get the Most Out of your YouTube Wrapped View Experience

Stay up-to-date

Watch official YouTube announcements, blogs, and news to learn about new features, updates, and events. It will ensure you have the latest information and take advantage of any opportunities.

Explore the Feature

Once you have access to View Odyssey or any new feature, take the time to explore its functionalities and interface thoroughly. Explain to yourself how it works and what options are available.

Understand the Purpose

Control the purpose of YouTube Wrapped View Odyssey. The intention behind the feature will help you make the most of it.

Customize your Preferences

Adjust the settings or preferences to adapt the content to your liking. It involves selecting specific timeframes, genres, or channels you want to explore.

Engage with the Content

Actively engage with the videos, creators, and trends showcased. Like, comment, and share your thoughts to contribute to the conversation and connect with fellow viewers.

Discover new Channels

Use this feature as an opportunity to discover new media and content creators. Take note of the tracks or videos that interest you and consider subscribing to them for future content.

Create Playlists

Create playlists to establish the videos you enjoy the most. It will make it easier to revisit those videos later and share your curated playlists with others.

Contribute to Community Events

If this feature includes community events or challenges, consider participating to further engage with the YouTube community. It involves creating response videos, joining discussions, or contributing to collaborative projects.

Share and Discuss

Share your experience with others and engage in discussions around the feature. Exchange thoughts, recommendations, and favorite moments with fellow YouTube enthusiasts.

Provide Feedback

If YouTube offers a feedback device for Wrapped View Odyssey or any other feature, take the opportunity to provide your feedback. Share your thoughts on what you enjoyed, what has improved, and any suggestions.

Ending Lines

Take a journey through your favorite YouTube moments and videos in a way. Get ready to be amazed and amazed as you relive your favorite moments from the past year. Plus, you’ll get lots of helpful tips and advice to help you make the most of your digital journey. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to celebrate your unique journey.


  1. What kind of information does it provide? 

It offers various insights and statistics based on your viewing activity. It typically includes details such as the total watch time, most-watched videos, top channels, favorite genres, and even your overall trends and preferences on YouTube. 

  1. Do I share my feature results with others?

A: YouTube often allows users to share their Wrapped View Odyssey results with others. You usually generate a summary or report of your YouTube activity and share it on social media platforms or through direct links. It lets you showcase your favorite videos, channels, and other interesting statistics with your friends and followers.

  1. Do I access this amazing feature on mobile devices or only on desktops? 

This amazing feature is usually accessible on desktop and mobile devices. YouTube often ensures compatibility across various platforms and devices, allowing users to explore their YouTube activity on the go. You can check for the feature’s availability on your YouTube mobile app or access it through your mobile browser.

  1. Are the insights provided available only for the previous year? 

It can showcase insights and statistics for the previous year and summarize your YouTube activity over that specific period. It’s best to refer to official announcements or updates from YouTube to know the scope of the insights provided each year.

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